Letter to the stakeholders
«The values that inspire us and the purpose that as ngelini Industries we seek to achieve are the cornerstones on which this document has been created, together with the knowledge that only by acting ethically we can “build a better future” and “generate sustainable growth for all, creating value and opportunities for new generations”. Within the last year, we have all experienced enormous changes in our lives. We have dealt with periods of separation but have also discovered that our industrial group was already remarkably ready to go digital».
Vision and Purpose
The Vision guides development and, along with the values, is the foundation of the corporate culture; the focus of the Purpose is on others and what the Industrial group is committed to doing for them.
The Angelini Industries’s values inspire and guide all the choices, actions and interactions we engage in every day, both through the work of our employees and the trust that we create and sustain with our customers.
Angelini Industries in numbers
Founded in Ancona in 1919 by Francesco Angelini, Angelini Industries is now a solid and multifaceted industrial group with 5.700 employees, present in 26 countries with 12 production sites.

Led by Angelini Holding, Angelini Industries operates in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, machinery, perfumery and dermocosmetics, wine sectors.

Why the Code of Ethics
The growing focus on Corporate Governance and the complexity of the situations in which we operate on a daily basis have sparked our desire to draft a Group Code of Ethics.

The Code provides a clear reiteration, or in some cases an update, of the body of values and responsibilities recognised, accepted, shared and adopted by Angelini Industries.