The Code of Ethics of Angelini Industries

Fourth part

Rules of conduct: do the right thing

We demand moral integrity from the employees of Angelini Industries’ companies, who are required to comply with the most rigorous principles of ethical behaviour in the performance of their duties.


We are all called upon to read, understand, and respect the principles and rules of conduct described in our Code of Ethics, as well as the laws and corporate procedures that apply to our role or function.

It is our duty and our responsibility to take part in training initiatives regarding the Code of Ethics or corporate procedures relevant to our work, and to immediately report any violations of the Code or of the law which come to our knowledge.

As part of our day-to-day work, we may find ourselves having to take positions or making decisions of an ethical nature, sometimes without any specific rules to guide us.

In these situations, we are still required to make the right decision, and although our Code of Ethics may not provide the answer for every specific situation, we should consult it often, apply common sense in our actions, and always ask for help in case of need.

In other words, whenever we find ourselves in doubt about the fairness, lawfulness or appropriateness of a decision, we should stop, think, and consult our supervisors or the managers of the relevant corporate departments.

The Code of Ethics is a guide and frame of reference for the Recipients to support them in always making the right decisions, in line with our group’s values.

On the one hand, it acts as a tool to help us learn and understand the principles, standards, and policies which apply within the group; on the other, it is also an expression of shared values and our way of doing business, allowing us to work in an open, honest and ethical manner.

The rules of conduct, which are detailed below, apply to our daily activities in terms of:

How we work

Each of us contributes personally to promoting and maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect in the work environment.

How we communicate

Ethical communication means handling confidential information, material regarding our group, and personal data which we process during the course of our activities with truth, fairness and in accordance with applicable regulations.

How we behave

Having studied and understood the ethical business principles to which our group aspires in its relationships with its stakeholders, we are also required to consider how they actually apply to us, how to behave in the event that we encounter ambiguous situations or unlawful conduct in our daily activities and, if necessary, how to proceed.